Career Skills Project

Helping you improve your career management skills

The Career Skills project aims to help people of all ages improve their career management skills and find tailored career guidance services through a Europe-wide Career Skills Platform.

Who's Involved?

The project will be accomplished through a set of integrated, open source tools...

Aspire-igen, UK

Business Foundation for Education, Bulgaira (coordinator)

The Finnish Institute for Educational Research with the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Greece

Réseau International des Cités des Métiers, France


The Career Skills Catalogue aims to serve as a reference point for individuals and career guidance practitioners for the most essential career competencies



The Career Skills MOOC (massive open online course) will contain:

  • 12 training modules that will help users develop the skills, described in the Catalogue;
  • a Handbook with practical tips for career guidance practitioners how to help their clients develop CMS through the platform.


The online map of career guidance services across Europe aims to become an interactive “Yellow pages” guide for career services in Europe and increase citizens’ access to relevant career support.


The Career Skills Network will be an online marketplace, linking career guidance professionals, policy actors and users across Europe who mutually support each other and benefit from the shared open education resources, and feedback within the community.

Together we can make a ‘real’ difference

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