DECODE aims to highlight the experiences, practices and teacher competences being made use of in schools surrounding the digital sector. The purpose of this is to share best practices and ultimately facilitate an improvement in media and digital literacy.


  • Fondazione Link Campus University, Italy (Coordinator)
  • Universita Degli Studi Roma Tre, Italy
  • UOC, Spain
  • Omnia, Finland
  • ISE, Romania
  • Aspire-igen, UK


DECODE intends to improve teachers digital skills, meaning they are better prepared to repond to the demands placed on the education sector by the growth of a knowledge and information society. This will be achieved by:

  • Researching current innovative methods and tools for teaching
  • Developing a practical guide for school on how to integrate ICT into the teaching-learning process
  • Conducting a nation-wide survey to highlight the digital areas that teachers need to further develop
  • Creating and piloting an online training module that focuses around how to better incorportate ICT into current teaching practices


Further details of all the project’s activities and outputs are available on the project website.

In June 2017 the DECODE partners were hosted at the aspire-international offices in Bradford for an event on Innovation in the Digital Age. You can view the presentations from the event on Padlet.

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