What is Euroguidance?

Euroguidance is a network of careers guidance professionals. It is supported by the European Commission and has members throughout Europe. The network’s aim is to maximise the mobility and career opportunities for everyone throughout the European Union.

What does Euroguidance from aspire-international offer?

At aspire-international, we offer practical assistance and advice to professionals working in the European mobility sector. We work with a broad range of people and organisations in education, training and employment to help them gain essential knowledge and build up best practice by sharing accurate and up to date information and insight.

A key player in the Academia Programme

We play a key part in the Academia programme and co-ordinate study visits with our European partners. This includes visits to other EU member states and welcoming European colleagues to our offices to learn about careers guidance in the UK.

For more information please visit the website or the Euroguidance UK Twitter and Facebook pages.

Did you know? We have been the UK’s Euroguidance Centre since 1992

Did you know? The Euroguidance Network is made up of over 30 national centres from across Europe

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Together we can make a real difference

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