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Who’s Involved?

Aspire-igen, UK

European Profiles, Athens Greece (Consortium Lead)

WYG Turkije, Turkey

Project Group, Ankara Turkey

European Projects Management, Riga Latvia

The main aim of the Egypt Aid project is to improve and enhance the structure and performance of the TVET (Technical and Vocational Education) system and TVET delivery in Egypt to better respond to the new socio-economic needs, in particular, youth employability and increased competitiveness in the context of the country’s current and future development.

This will be achieved through the identification of skills, occupational requirements and gaps in selected pilot sectors and the results used to develop / adjust skills programmes to meet the labour market demands and to contribute to the employment of youth and workers. Related to this, career guidance and counselling services will be developed and made operational in the TVET institutions active in the programmes.

The project is being delivered by a consortium of 5 partners: EUROPEAN PROFILES S.A., Greece, is leading the project, supported by aspire-igen from the UK, WYG Turkije and Project Group from Turkey and European Projects Management from Latvia. 

This EuropeAid project, entitled “Enhancing the employability of youth and unemployed/low skilled workers, and improving their transition to Employment” is in response to a tender put out by the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Egypt.


The project aims will be achieved through both developing the careers advice and guidance provision provided nationally across Egypt and supporting the redevelopment of training courses, to make sure that the skills of learners meet the demands of the labour market.


The project began in early 2017. Updates will be provided here in due course.



This was the first project for Aspire-International outside of Europe

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