Gender +

Institutions involved:

Aspire-igen, UK

Ljudska Univerza Nove Gorica, Slovenia

Learnmera Oy, Finland

Centro Italiano per l’Apprendimento Permanente (CIAPE) – Italy

Business Foundation for Education (BFE) – Bulgaria

CSI, Cyprus

Gender+ will help VET organisation tackle gender stereotypes by creating benchmarking and guidance resources to help make gender positive learning environments.The project will create gender positive learning environments by: 

  • Creating assessment tools and a gender charter e-book to help VET schools understand the steps needed to create inclusive services, tackle traditional gender stereotypes and improve the involvement of people with non-traditional gender identities.
  • This will result in a gender positive approach to learning.
  • Providing benchmarking and guidance resources to help develop policies, procedures and courses which are gender positive.
  • Developing a skills profile for the position of a Gender Champion, who will act to support all gender related issues within an organisation.


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