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Helping to Promote Outward Mobility

Who’s Involved?

Aspire-igen, UK

Business Foundation for Education, Bulgaira (coordinator)

Coopérative d’Initiative Jeunes, France


ISE, Romania

Leeds City College, UK

Global Local looks to explore and challenge the idea that outward mobility is only accessible to a minority of young people from privileged backgrounds. Whilst many opportunities for mobility exist within Erasmus and Higher education, the problem is that many of these experiences are too daunting for students who have never left their local area.


Global Local uses game-based technology to motivate and encourage young people to look outside their local areas for education, training and work opportunities in an approachable way. The platform will provide a resource on introducing the idea of mobility to young people at an earlier stage in education, taking a step by step approach to challenging attitudes, overcoming barriers, and promoting the value of being open to moving to other locations for learning and work.

Together we can make a ‘real’ difference

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