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Everything you need to know about living & working in the UK

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Info4Migrants is a trusted online resource, specifically designed for migrants, their support workers and advisers. It’s packed full of easy to follow and useful information in six languages – English, Arabic, French, Romanian, Polish and Urdu.

Help for professionals working with migrants

The varied backgrounds and needs of migrants means that those who support them are unable to know the answer to every question or problem they will face. Info4Migrants brings together information from a range of different sectors, helping professionals and volunteers direct their clients to other specialist services quickly and easily. In addition the website offers vital guides to the different cultural backgrounds of migrants. This allows advisers to better understand their clients’ circumstances and so offer more effective advice and help.

Advice for migrants to the UK

The site covers all aspects of life in the UK, from accommodation, banking & finance to benefits, healthcare and UK culture and customs. There is also a section on migrants’ status and rights. It’s simple, intuitive and dynamic to use, so everyone can find out what they want in just a few clicks.

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