Level Up

Promoting the use of Game Based Learning (GBL) technology within VET (Vocational Education and Training) and careers guidance

Who’s involved?

Aspire-igen Group, UK (Coordinator)

Békés Megyei Kormányhivatal, Hungary


Business Foundation for Education (BFE), Bulgaria

Cork Institute of Technology (CIT), Ireland

Sataedu, Finland

Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham, Germany

Level Up explored game-based learning approaches to develop an interactive tool for use in guidance sessions with young people. In part, this approach helps to breakdown stereotypes around vocational routes being a ‘second choice’ to academic higher education, by highlighting that learning outcomes in vocational training are as varied and complex as those found on university courses.


Partners developed a game for young people which guides them through the benefits of vocational training. At the same time, the game-based tool links with wider labour market information, in order to demonstrate to young people the value which vocational training has on long-term career progression.


Level Up has had a positive impact on the quality of guidance provided to young people considering education options through its development of resources which both engage learners and upskill the support staff who work alongside them. In terms of staff development, the LMSI resources and guides to digital tools produced by the project help to improve the quality and standard of guidance, as staff feel more confident in both promoting VET and using digital tools in their work. Similarly, this increased staff engagement, coupled with the direct interaction with young people through the GBL platform, means that young people are making better informed decisions about their education and training. Ultimately, this means that they are developing skills more directly suited to the needs of the labour market, and addressing the skills mismatches currently found across Europe.

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