Progress2work is part-funded by the European Social Fund.

Supporting people to get into education, training, or employment through individual support and non-traditional employability activities.  

The progress2work programme focuses on adult employability in the Bradford, Kirklees, and Leeds areas*. The programme seeks to support those further from the labour market using new and tried and tested methods.  

What can you expect?  

  • A friendly and experienced key worker who will listen to you and support you to get a job
  • Individualised action plan tailored to your needs and unique to you  
  • Therapeutic services to help to build confidence and overcome barriers to work
  • Volunteer opportunities in your local community
  • 1:1 or group employment training to help you improve your skills
  • Help to create a CV that promotes your best you, writing cover letters and applying to jobs
  • Access to employers with live vacancies, and tailored training to help you get the job 
  • Support when you move into training, education or employment

Our team is outreach-based, meaning that we can come to where you are and offer our support to gain confidence, improve your skills, and move closer to employment, education or training.

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Essential Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age 25 and over
  • Must have the right to live and work in the UK
  • Must not be currently working
  • *Postcode requirements apply

How will you progress2work?


Aspire-igen delivers the Progress2Work programme which is part-funded by the European Social Fund.

Meet the Team

The Employment Key Worker role changes day-to-day, depending on what our clients need. The project delivery is outreach-based, so while some days our Employment Key Workers might be working from one of the aspire-igen Opportunity Centres, they will also be going into communities to meet clients in their local areas. Through regular meetings with clients, our Employment Key Workers can offer support to get them back into work or learning. The Employment Key Workers can help clients see how they can achieve their goals, and support them along their way: linking them up with employers, volunteering opportunities, therapeutic support services, and skills training. 



Hello I’m Allison, and I am a progress2work Employment Key Worker. I have vast experience within welfare to work: specifically supporting ex-offenders and those in recovery from drugs, alcohol and mental health. I also have thirteen years of experience working within educational settings supporting pupils with challenging behaviour and learning difficulties. I’m passionate about helping people overcome challenges to get into work, and I’m looking forward to supporting clients through their journey – whether they are facing personal or professional barriers – so they can enter employment or training and achieve their goals.


My name is Quddus and I am a progress2work Employment Key Worker. I have over 20 years of experience in supporting people into employment and training. Over the years I have been involved in supporting many people gaining full time employment and improving their skills. I am passionate about supporting people to better themselves, ideally going in to sustainable employment.



Hello, I’m Usman and I am a progress2work Employment Key Worker. I have a strong background in education and welfare to work sector, working for the likes of North Yorkshire Business Education Partnership, Barnsley College and Ingeus. I have vast experience in enterprise and business, working with organisations like Bradford Chamber of Commerce. I’m looking forward to using my connections and networking skills to build relationships for the project, so we can widen opportunities for clients and work together with communities to create lasting growth for West Yorkshire. 



Hi, I’m Leon and I am a progress2work Employment Key Worker. My background to date has included roles such as P.E teaching, Youth Work, I.T support and 15 years of Employment support in various roles. As you can see, I enjoy being around adults and young people alike and think the best way to engage with so many diverse people is to be yourself and approachable. 



Hello, I’m Chris and I’m a progress2work Employment Key Worker. I’ve worked for many years across Yorkshire helping people of all ages and backgrounds to help them improve their lives and move into a job or learning. The difference this can make to people is immense and is what continues to drive me. Seeing the positive changes in people is what makes me passionate about the support I’m looking forward to offering on the progress2work project. After working for the last few years with aspire-igen, the commitment they have for inspiring people to reach their potential gives me real confidence in what can be achieved.


The Volunteer Training Coordinator role is a great opportunity to explore new employability methods, contributing to the action research the project will undertake. Each VTC will facilitate volunteering opportunities for clients to develop skills and interests, and play a part in their local communities. The role will involve taking the local approach, working with people and communities to co-design opportunities for clients to help them progress to employment. 



Hello, I’m Hadji and I am one of the progress2work Volunteer Training Coordinators. I have been a volunteer for the Witness Service and ESOL training, after taking early retirement almost 5 years ago. Prior to this, I worked for The Cooperative for 32 years – starting off as a TV engineer and progressing to Chief Operating Officer. In the Volunteer Training Coordinator role, I’m looking forward to drawing on my experiences of volunteering, and delving into my knowledge of local communities to meet the needs of our clients.



Hi, I’m Alex and I’m a progress2work Volunteer Training Coordinator. My previous employment was working for a large charity where I helped to provide volunteering experience for under 25 year-olds. I really enjoyed seeing the young people learning new skills and gathering the experience that they needed to be able to apply for their dream jobs! I’m keen to start this new role and engage with new people across West Yorkshire and help to bring them closer to employment through volunteering. 



Hi, my name is Julie and I am a Volunteer Training Coordinator within the progress2work Team.  I have 31 years of experience working at Yorkshire Water in various roles such as starting as an IT Help desk Assistant to ultimately becoming an IT Project/ Programme Manager, delivering a number of high profile projects for the company. 

All of the aforementioned is paramount to delivering a successful project which I am sure with the help of the wider team will contribute to delivering the Progress2Work project successfully.

The role of the Therapeutic Worker is to support individuals who may be suffering from issues surrounding positivity, self-esteem and confidence. As another unique aspect of the progress2work project, the way our clients can benefit from therapeutic services will contribute to project’s action research. We can try new ideas, and apply tried and tested methods to the diverse groups of people the project aims to support. This experimental aspect of the project gives the role plenty of flexibility and scope to adapt and change to best benefit our clients. The focus of the therapeutic service will be clients’ overall well-being and to assist them on their journey of growth and fulfilment.  



Hello I’m Lisa, I am the progress2work Therapeutic Worker. I have a psychology and counselling background and have spent the last decade as a secondary school teacher specialising in psychology and sociology. I’m looking forward to using my expertise in a new way to support adults who are facing barriers to work. The flexible nature of the role is a great opportunity for me to adapt and apply the resources and knowledge I have built up throughout my career and contribute to the research on how dedicated therapy services can benefit clients through their journey into work. 


The Employability Trainer role is a valuable addition to the range of services the project offers. By leading engaging and motivational training sessions, the employability trainer can help our clients to build skills and have the best chance at getting those jobs. The services our employability trainer provides can also help employers too! By working with employers to create tailored training sessions, our clients can develop the specific skills employers want. 



Hi, I’m Stacey and I am the progress2work Employability Trainer. My own career journey has been varied, I have spent the last 24 years working in Health and social care, training, education and compliance. I have developed the skills, knowledge abilities, motivation and aspirations of many people between the age of 16-65 to ensure they have a strong foundation to gain the qualifications or employment opportunities that they desire. I am passionate about helping people to see how fantastic and unique they are, build self confidence, have ambition and set goals to achieve this, teaching people to break through their barriers so they can succeed in life and employment.

“You are always a single choice away from your next adventure”


The Project Support Worker role is very varied. Day to day tasks range from developing strategy, implementing the progress2work marketing campaign, and handling social media, to covering data, compliance and adhering to our project’s guidelines, to name just a few. The role will support the team to deliver our varied ranges of services out in the community with aspire-igen’s company mission to improve lives for the better through learning and work 



Hi, I’m Claudia and I am the progress2work Project Support Officer. I have experience in both project delivery and support. Progress2work will allow me to advance the skills, knowledge and training I have already gained through previous experiences while making a contribution to both the team and the community.

My future goal is to become a project manager, I believe Progress2work  project is a great opportunity for me to get some hands-on experience and begin to put the theory in to practice. 


Hi my name is Donna and I am the Project Manager of the Progress2work Team.  I have over 10 years experience within the employment, careers and welfare sector.  I have had the privilege of working with participants on various programmes, to name just a few; New Deal, Skills4Work, Work Programme and Personal Guidance Project. 

My experience ranges from developing and delivering training sessions, coaching, one to one guidance, programme and people management.  My drive and passion is helping individuals recognise their strengths and abilities, which I believe through knowledge and guidance empowers and motivates them to achieve their goals and aspirations within learning and the world of work.


Together we can make a ‘real’ difference

To find out more about us or to start your new journey into learning and work, please get in touch with us now using the form above or contact any of our locations directly.

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