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25 cultural experiences by the age of 25

The 25 by 25 project aims to encourage young people to increase their interactions with cultural activities and experiences, through the help of tool such our Best Practices Handbook on Cultural Activity Engagement in Europe, a Matrix of Cultural Experiences across Europe, Framework to create your own Place-based Cultural Activity Curriculum, and the 25 by 25 Digital Platform with a wide range of place-based activity spread out across Europe.

OTIGED: Autism Can Work

Increasing the Productivity of Young People with Autism and Supporting Their Transition to the Labor Market

Careers in VET

Careers in VET is a 24-month Erasmus Key Action 2 project which aims to investigate the vocational guidance procedures partner organisations use to promote and improve the reputation of Vocational Education and Training (VET).

Action towards Inclusion: Supporting Lone Parents

Aspire-igen is pleased to be a delivery partner for the Action Towards Inclusion in York, Ryedale and Scarborough.


DigMyVET! is a 24 month Erasmus Key Action 2 project which aims to provide innovating solutions to the challenges faced by VET centres and professionals during and beyond the pandemic.


YouthImpact+ is a 26-month Erasmus Key Action 2 project which aims to promote quality, innovation, and recognition of youth work through the platform and outputs, as this is an overarching theme and strategic objective of the 2019-2027 Youth Goals.


STAY+ is a 24 month Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project to gamify positive behaviours of young people during the pandemic and beyond.


Developing governance, benchmarking, recognition and professionalisation tools for Early childhood education and care (ECEC) professionals in order to understand and improve their current approach to Diversity inclusion.





Aspire2Lead is an exciting new project, part-funded by the European Social Fund, which aims to support women to boost their skills and confidence, achieve their potential and contribute to the growth of businesses in the York and North Yorkshire LEP Area.

Bridlington: Family and Carer Support

Supporting parents and carers into learning and work as part of the Community Led Local Development Project.

Scarborough Hub: Family and Carer Support

Supporting parents and carers into learning and work as part of the Community Led Local Development Project.


The progress2work project will support unemployed or inactive people to move closer to the labour market using tried and tested, as well as non-traditional employability methods.

Career Skills Project

The Career Skills project aims to help people of all ages improve their career management skills and find tailored career guidance services.

Mental Health+

Mental Health+ will help VET organisations across Europe improve their approach to supporting the mental health of their students and staff.

Global Local

Global Local will create a platform which will promote mobility for learning and work to young people.


A network of career guidance professionals maximising the mobility and career opportunities for everyone in the European Union.


Live a life less ordinary by discovering adventures abroad with our country guides.

Academia +

Academia+ will help careers guidance professionals deal with emerging labour market trends


ACCEnT aims to enhance the knowledge and qualifications of counselling practitioners working with hard-to-reach groups

EuropAid – Egypt

This EuropeAid project, entitled “Enhancing the employability of youth and unemployed/low

Future Time Traveller

FUTURE Time Traveller transforming career guidance of generation Z

Gender +

Gender+ will help VET organisation tackle gender stereotypes by creating benchmarking


JSPO – serious games and guidance practices – will develop tools to help the spread of game-based learning approaches in guidance.

Level Up

Level Up will explore game-based learning approaches to develop an interactive tool for use in guidance sessions with young people.


Metropolis will challenge young peoples’ stereotypes of their local area by highlighting the value of industrial heritage


NADINE will develop a range of tools and resources to help integrate migrants and refugees


The project looks to promote the exchange of methods, best practices and tools


SMART LMI looks to develop an innovative digital tool which allows both careers practitioners


Accelerate is a programme for young people aged 15 to 24 years old

Digital Insight Humber

Helping Hull residents improve their digital skills and get into work

Lone Parent Support Humber

Helping Lone Parents in Hull improve their digital skills and get into work

The Opportunity College

Take the first steps to a great new career. Our courses ensure that young people aged 16-19 (or up to 25 with an EHCP) can gain the skills and experience they need to achieve their career goals and aspirations.

Our Past Projects

Positive Moves

Positive Moves provided caring wrap-around support to 16–24-year-olds in the Bradford area, to help them move positively into learning, training or work

Bradford Manufacturing Weeks

Bradford Manufacturing Weeks brings together the districts’ manufacturers and schools to inspire young people of the vast amount of opportunities in the sector.

Bradford Employment Hub

Bradford Employment Hub was available for all unemployed people in Bradford to support them into learning or work.


This vital project helps to share and promote best practice in adult education and guidance


Are you an unemployed graduate?

Info 4 Migrants

Everything you need to know about living & working in the UK


DECODE aims to highlight the experiences, practices and teacher competencies being made use of

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